Who we are

We are Caitlin (1997) and Marijke (1963) Bongers. We are mother and daughter, living in the idyllic village of Hardinxveld, near the windmills in the middle of the Netherlands.

Things we do

We sell beautiful natural yarns and fibers that are produced and sourced as ethically and sustainably as possible. We’re also developing an exclusive collection of undyed fabrics, which can be hand dyed according to taste. We sell both fabrics and plant dyes to create your own perfect result at home.

Besides selling materials, we also produce a small collection of handmade clothes, both as ready to wear clothes and pattern kits. Our aim is to inspire other women to make and repair their own clothes, too.

All of this encouraged us to create a Patreon page and an Etsy shop in addition to our brick and mortar studio. In the studio we also teach classes on a variety of textile related subjects. From basic knitting, to plant dyeing, to (historical) sewing.

In our blogs we try to give an insight into the ways in which we try to render our collections as ethical and sustainable as possible.

Things we love

Caitlin loves to spin, weave, (lace) knit and crochet. She creates the most amazing hand spun yarns made of fibery goodness. She has an eye for combining traditional artisanry and a modern look, which results in designs anyone would love to wear. When she was only six she was determined to learn knitting. The next thing on her list, when she was twelve, was mastering the spinning wheel. Caitlin infected Marijke with her enthusiasm for these techniques, and this was to be the beginning of their mother-daughter joint venture.

Marijke loves sewing and doing embroidery, creates her own surface designs and is interested in the history of fashion and art. She is also trained as a professional haute couture seamstress.

Marijke’s latest project consisted of creating bridal ensembles for the Fair Fashion Festival, which, after the big day, can be worn in everyday fashion for at least a lifetime. The ensembles were handmade from organic and fair trade materials that were hand dyed with plant dyes.

She also has been a teacher her whole life, and loves every moment of it. She is passionate about teaching the younger generation about textiles and how to avoid the ‘dirty’ clothes of the global fashion industry.

For a newly formed travel fashion brand Marijke is the expert consultant on sustainability and design.

The Eco Textile Studio started out as an art project. Marijke used to be a textile artist, and as such had exhibitions in galleries and museums. But as she was building her collection of work, she noticed that sitting at her spinning wheel in front of the studio was a better way to tell her stories, pass on her skills and share in her desire to make the world a better place.

Brick and mortar shops are having a rough time in this day and age, and villages are losing their ‘feel’ of being a community. Marijke and Caitlin try to contribute to the local community by providing a spot to come in and knit/crochet/chat and they liven up the street by creating a marvellous shop window.

Voor onze Nederlandse klanten:

We begrijpen dat het niet voor iedereen fijn is om te zien dat onze website voornamelijk in het Engels is. Een toenemend aantal van onze klanten is echter niet afkomstig uit Nederland. Daarom hebben we toch voor een Engelstalige website gekozen - met zo nu en dan een stukje in het Nederlands.

Natuurlijk kunt u altijd in onze studio terecht of bijvoorbeeld een e-mail sturen of bellen als u vragen heeft.

tekst: Nanda Behari