Our kimono-project

Kimono update For those of you who follow us on Patreon, you probably know that we are working on a big project. We want to make fully handwoven, and mostly handspun kimono jackets. Our first project is coming along nicely and I’ve made quite some progress in the last week.… Read more

#inspiration Selvedge magazine

By Marijke Bongers After the commission of Mariska Mell and Gerah Lankhuijzen I was much more aware of what is important in my life. Both let me in their life, even in a time that it was so precious and short. Both wanted me to really make the best of… Read more
textile, the Conscious Women Society

The Conscious Women Society

By Marijke Bongers Because making beautiful handmade clothes is a huge amount of work it is a wise idea to work on it with others. I think it is also good that women in small creative businesses support each other and cooperate. One of the reasons is that it can be… Read more
Scotland eco printing

Eco printing with India Flint in Schotland

By Marijke Bongers On Thursday 28th of March I will teach a workshop eco print. Caitlin and I joined a wonderful 5 day workshop with India Flint in Scotland in 2015 and I went again to a long workshop on eco printing of India in 2017 when she visited the… Read more
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